Candidate Recommendation Committee

The MTA has a formal process for interviewing and evaluating candidates through its Candidate Recommendation Committee. The CRC consists of two MTA members elected from each of the state's nine congressional districts, as well as MTA's president, vice president and executive director-treasurer.

The CRC evaluates races for elective office and determines those for which it will convene candidate evaluation teams to review candidates for potential recommendations. If the committee convenes a CET for a particular race, candidates will be sent the MTA’s questionnaire. Once a completed questionnaire is returned, candidates may be invited to be interviewed by a team of MTA members who represent the locals and chapters in the affected legislative district. The candidate evaluation team then makes a recommendation to the CRC for its review and action. 

Committee Members

Qiana Johnson, CD 1

Tim Collins, CD 1

Kip Fonsh, CD 2

Jeff Napolitano, CD 2

Adam Snodgrass, CD 3

Barry Davis, CD 3 

Robert Miller, CD 4  

Merrie Najimy, CD 5

Barbara Barry, CD 5

Juliette Darmon, CD 6

Holly Currier, CD 6

John Fitzgerald, CD 7 (Chair) 

Jim Kaplan, CD 7

Joe Herosy, CD 8

Kyle Gekopi, CD 8

Katuka Lecaro, CD 9

Michelle Dunn, CD 9

Members Ex Officio

Max Page, MTA President
Deb McCarthy, MTA Vice President
Mike Fadel, MTA Executive Director-Treasurer